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After the Vogue interview, I applied to several other places and didn’t even get any call backs. Until February (Vogue happened in November). I got a response to my application to Good Housekeeping fashion closet and Vogue (again!), but for a different editor. I set up the interviews for the next week and decided to […]

The day I decided to become a fashion journalist I almost simultaneously also decided I wanted to work at Vogue. A whole lot of stuff followed – I enrolled in an arts journalism program at one of the best J-schools in the world (the Newhouse school), moved to the U.S., spent the next six months […]

The first thing that struck me when I entered Baburchi, located in Greenwich village in New York City, was the décor. Unlike other Indian restaurants in the U.S. that emphasize their Indian-ness by hanging saris on the walls and putting up paintings of elephants and peacocks all around, Baburchi has chosen the Indian village theme […]

No One Killed Jessica: Movie Review How is it possible that a man shoots a bartender at a party with 300 guests and no one sees it happen? That’s the question India – it’s people, the police force and the judiciary – was forced to ask when the court acquitted all accused in the Jessica […]



Here’s something every girl needs – the perfect pair of booties! I bought this pair just ahead of a very important interview at a fashion magazine. I paired them with a business suit and they added the right amount of style and an interesting twist to an otherwise conservative, formal outfit. While they looked great […]

The audience waited with bated breath as the auditorium turned dark. With a flood of patterned blue and purple lights, the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company began to weave magic on the stage with “North Star,” the first performance of the night. The New York City-based modern dance company performed on Nov. 11, at the Goldstein […]

Jesse in an embroidered lehenga (ankle-length Indian skirt), choli (a fitted blouse matching the skirt) and dupatta (a long stole). Merelyn in a traditional Rajasthani/Gujarati bandhani (a type of tie-and-dye technique) lehenga and choli. Kandace in a traditional sari. It was a riot of colors as students celebrated Navratri (a nine-day long Indian festival) in Syracuse. […]