How to land a fashion internship… and survive it! Part-I


The day I decided to become a fashion journalist I almost simultaneously also decided I wanted to work at Vogue. A whole lot of stuff followed – I enrolled in an arts journalism program at one of the best J-schools in the world (the Newhouse school), moved to the U.S., spent the next six months following, living, breathing and dreaming fashion magazines and doing all that I could to go to fashion week. All in the effort to land that much-sought-after internship at a fashion magazine! I wasn’t even thinking of Vogue at that point because it was highly unlikely they would hire someone who had no experience whatsoever in fashion journalism. This is why when I received an email from an intern at Vogue saying that I had been selected for an interview, I left a class midway and ran to tell my professor/mentor.

I did all that one is supposed to do to prepare for the interview – spent hours reading up on the interviewers, deciding on the perfect outfit and shoes, counting away hours dreaming about the interview and everything else. This was my first ever interview at a fashion magazine. Of course god would decide to play with me and make it happen at Vogue. I was a nervous wreck!

On the day of the interview, I reached Times Square about half an hour before the scheduled time and walked around in my new, fabulous and very painful shoes. When I walked into the Conde Nast Building, 4 Times Square, I couldn’t help but grin like a fool.


Getting off the elevator on the Vogue floor, my heart was jumping with joy. The cute, off-white couch with lovely, pastel cushions, runway photos on the walls and the wall adorned with the word VOGUE behind the glass door – it was like I was in a dream!

The interview lasted approximately eight minutes and I knew almost immediately that I didn’t do well. In retrospect, I think what they wanted to know was whether I’d be willing and able to do the tasks that entailed being an intern at a fashion magazine. And although I’d have done anything and everything they would have asked me to do (I swear I was even open to mopping floors just to have Vogue on my resume), in my nervous excitement, I didn’t do a very good job of conveying this to them. I mentally kicked myself for the next two weeks and cribbed about it to all my friends. At the end, I don’t blame them for not hiring me!

In Part-II, I’ll write about the internship that I did get! Coming up tomorrow…


5 Responses to “How to land a fashion internship… and survive it! Part-I”

  1. 1 A&N

    Kick-ass post!

  2. LOVE THIS TWO PART SERIES OF AWESOMENESS 🙂 Great idea that you wrote about your experience 🙂

  3. 4 exsistomei

    Thanks for writing this, its true what self expectations do. But I wish you got the job at Vogue!

  4. you’re an inspiration to me because i have the same goals you had. check out my blog too thanks!

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