The Plaid Shirt meets the Holiday Sweater!


Jessica Zurell – or JZ, as friends call her – is an artist, a writer and a model, and it shows in her clothes. She has an edgy and individualistic sense of style.

Here, JZ is wearing an unusual combination of a plaid shirt and a holiday sweater. And it works!

These are two completely different pieces: the plaid shirt that has been in fashion for two years now and usually appears during the fall season, and the sweater that all of us have worn at some point in our lives during the snowy winters.

While both pieces have their own charm, they are being worn by everyone everywhere. However, when put together, they create a unique ensemble that is tomboyish, yet chic!

Pairing them with a dark pair of jeans is a good idea. It balances out the patterns on the upper half of the outfit.

Sweater: Thrift Store
Shirt: Target, Boys’ Section

Necklace: Banana Republic

Belt: Gap
Jeans: Diesel Industry
Boots: Born Brown Collection, Nordstrom


3 Responses to “The Plaid Shirt meets the Holiday Sweater!”

  1. I was wondering when you’d have Jess on here. Looking very beautiful, as always.

  2. 2 Lily Betjeman

    Yayyy stone. cold. fox.

  3. 3 JZ

    Suddenly I feel like there is absolutely nothing special about this outfit and it looks like a friggen J.Crew overdose. My bad. Bitchen blog, ‘Tique.

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