Bringing retro back!


Retro is back and how! All over the runways, fashion magazines, stores, streets and campus, we see women put together interesting, unique outfits combining style from the yesteryears with new trends.

Here, Karen Hor matches an oversized sweater with an always-in-style polka-dotted shirt with high-waist rolled up pants and leather flats. The result is a retro glam look!

This year we are seeing a lot of experimentation in street style and this ensemble is an example of just that. Instead of buying outfits, women are leaning more towards classic pieces that can be worn to create different looks. Each piece in this outfit can be matched with others and would work equally well – the pants will look great with a casual tee, the shirt with a formal skirt and the sweater with jeans.

So go on ladies! It is once again time to raid mom’s wardrobe and go retro!

Pants and sweater: American Apparel
Shirt: Target
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Vintage Shop in New York City


One Response to “Bringing retro back!”

  1. I’m loving the red polka dot top. It’s casual, and yet put together.

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