A little bit of India!


Jesse in an embroidered lehenga (ankle-length Indian skirt), choli (a fitted blouse matching the skirt) and dupatta (a long stole).

Merelyn in a traditional Rajasthani/Gujarati bandhani (a type of tie-and-dye technique) lehenga and choli.

Kandace in a traditional sari.

It was a riot of colors as students celebrated Navratri (a nine-day long Indian festival) in Syracuse. These four outfits were the most authentic and well-worn. The bright colors, the embroideries and the way they are draped – they capture traditional Indian style perfectly!

However, there are differences in these outfits too. For one, each of them comes from a different part of India. While Jesse’s outfit is from the Northern parts, Merelyn’s bandhani outfit is traditionally made only in the states of Gujarat (west) and Rajasthan (north). Since these two are also the states where the festival of Navratri comes from, most women in India would wear an outfit like Merelyn’s to the celebrations. While bandhani is a form of tie-and-dye, it is different from the kind that became popular in the U.S. in the 60s. Bandhani work, after the processing is over, results into a variety of symbols, including dots, squares, waves and strips. A bandhani outfit would also often contain bead and mirror-work.

Kandace’s sari is also a traditional Indian outfit. However, it has beadwork which has made its way into the Indian markets only over the last decade and have become very popular.

It was fun to see a little bit of Indian fashion here!


One Response to “A little bit of India!”

  1. I love how you’ve differentiated between the tie and dye here and Bandhani. You could do a post on Indian textiles sometime 🙂 if you can.

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