Schoolgirl goes fashionista!


This outfit proves that gray, black and white (off-white) do not have to look drab and boring. They can in fact, look very fresh, young and stylish, like they do here!

The cowl neck sweater dress is just the right length and fit to suit a college student and the off-white sweater is dressing it down to a great extent.

The knee-high socks and black and white sneakers provide the youthful touch to the outfit. The knee-high socks trend, which appeared on runways last year is clearly continuing this year and is working very well here.

The teddy bear neckpiece is adding just a hint of color and makes the outfit more young!

We sure hope to see more of such simple, chic style on campus!


3 Responses to “Schoolgirl goes fashionista!”

  1. I LOOOOOOOOVE monochromatic looks! Thanks for asserting that black, white & gray look amazing as an ensemble!

  2. 2 Sarah

    I agree with JZ. Also, I looooove that dress!!! Glad you spotted it.

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