Bag does it!


This is a perfect example of when the bag does more for an outfit than the outfit itself!

I like what the girl is wearing because they are all simple, classic pieces – the dark gray sweater, the blue jeans and the sort of matching gray boots and scarf.

But, it’s the satchel that made me want to put her on my blog. First, it’s brown, which is my current favorite color. Second, it’s not the typical tan bag that every one EVERYWHERE is carrying this year. Instead, it’s a burnt umber brown, which is a much warmer shade, hence perfect for the weather. And lastly, it’s so simple – no unnecessary embellishments or buckles. Just one main strap and a pair of smaller ones. It just might be the perfect satchel for college!

It also serves to add a warmer tone to the otherwise gray-blue outfit.


5 Responses to “Bag does it!”

  1. I love the bag too! Do you know where she got it from?

  2. 3 xwu16

    Yeah I wish you would know where to get this bag too…Because the bag is just perfect!!I want it so bad!!

    • You guys make me regret not asking her where she got it. Although, similar bags are available at Urban Outfitters. You can check out their website! 🙂

  3. It’s so funny. I was showing this blog to someone on the bus and a girl looked over my shoulder and said, ‘hey, that’s my friend!’ I got you another reader.

    And le sigh, I need another bag…

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