Jeans and other things!


This outfit is one of those where the shade of the denim takes it to another level.

Personally, I love everything about this outfit – the off-white scarf, the fitted white tee, the long charcoal gray asymmetrical sweater, the strap of the bag, the light blue jeans and the black shoes with metal links. I even like the hint of exposed midriff. It adds intrigue to the outfit and the girl!

But, it’s the jeans that’s making this outfit a very stylish one. The shade of the denim is adding color to it and the fit is dressing it down to suit campus style. The same outfit worn with black pants and heels would be much less interesting and much more formal. The rise of the jeans is perfect too and supplies femininity to the outfit.

Another thing I like about this outfit is how this girl is working the white and off-white combination. I usually don’t like the two colors worn together. But here they actually complement each other!

Oh and the hair! This is my favorite kind of hair – long, thick, black! I absolutely adore the carefree style of her hair and how it’s flowing in the wind.

What’s missing? An interesting belt with the jeans would’ve added to the outfit.


2 Responses to “Jeans and other things!”

  1. She looks very strong and confident! I love that her attitude shows in her outfit! xoxoxoo

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