Fresh & young!


Everything about this outfit compelled me to take a picture of her for this blog – the top, the very “in” rolled-up jeans, the also “in” leopard print ballerinas!

However, on looking at the photograph later, I realized that something doesn’t quite work here. Is it black sweater that’s taking away from what could have been an interesting outfit? Or is the shade of the jeans?

I couldn’t put my finger on it. I love each piece on it’s own. But put together, it just doesn’t do it for me!


2 Responses to “Fresh & young!”

  1. I LOVE the flats!
    I think it might be the straps on her top? I don’t like that there are TOO many patterns going on. I’d either get rid of the flats or the top!

    • I agree. The flats are cute! And yes. You may be right about the flats and the top clashing. I feel like a pair of open toe bohemian sandals might have gone better with the top and jeans.

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