Rocker chic!


When I first saw this girl, I thought – that is SO not my style! However, on looking again, I realized how well she had put together her look! The rolled up boyfriend pants, the relaxed tee with dinosaur print and the no frills ankle boots… they go perfectly with her personality and the look!

Don’t be misled by the casualness of it all – she has clearly put in a lot of thought into the outfit. Note the two neckpieces and the bracelet, which are not synchronized at all but work in perfect harmony.

The pink and grey strap of the bag is a little off and I feel like maybe a tan would have worked better. But then everybody on campus and everywhere else seems to be carrying only tan bags. So, I almost respect those sporting a different kind!

I love short hair on women. They are so feminine yet bold! Coming from India, where long hair is considered beautiful and short are for those whose hair refuses to grow, I completely adore women who sport a spunky, short do! Look how basic yet chic this cut is. It adds so much to the outfit! I want to meet this girl again and see what else she wears.

Her style is one of my favorite kind – the one that’s unique and not copied from elsewhere!


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