Lily on my blog!


Since the day I got the idea for this blog, I knew Lily Betjeman would be one of the first few people to appear on it. And here she is!

I can safely say Lily is one of the most stylish people on campus. She has a unique, carefree style of dressing, which what I love about it.

Here, she pairs a bright red Burberry jacket with a black dress and boots. The choice of color is perfect for the gloomy, cloudy days we’ve been having in Syracuse over the past week. Being from India, I personally adore bright colors.

The layering of the different items in the outfit is great in terms of varied lengths – the jacket ends around an inch and a half above the hemline of the dress, adding a hint of intrigue to it. The dress itself reaches a little above the knees, which is the perfect length for the fall weather.

Black and red make a beautiful combination although one doesn’t see it too often, probably because if worn wrongly, it can go horribly wrong. Another reason could be it can be tricky to decide whether to wear it during the day or the night.

The boots and socks add a casual touch to the outfit and make it more suited for the campus. The same outfit paired with strappy sandals or high heeled boots would work well for a night out.

Also, notice the classic wind-swept hair! It’s chic and casual at the same time and goes so well with the outfit. I am sure it would’ve looked good if Lily had decided to leave her hair open. But the up-do just adds more elegance to it and takes it to another level altogether.

I absolutely adore this look and hope to see more of it during this fall!


One Response to “Lily on my blog!”

  1. I agree! Love the layering, and Lily’s just the perfect model. It’s very “here comes fall” with a thrilling splash of red, rather than the usual vomitous autumn color classics!

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