The last few months have been the most eventful. I spent four months in India (some of which I spent convinced that I will never return to the United States) and got a fabulous writing job at a magazine in New Delhi, met some amazing people, eventually returned to the US and got a great apartment with some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

I have been laying low for a while now and haven’t really shopped since November, other than buying some gorgeous traditional Indian clothes that I needed to attend the multitude of weddings I had to attend while I was there. Needless to say I was feeling pretty cut off from the fashion scene. The only saving grace was the fashion blogs that I am still addicted to and never failed to miss.

But, yesterday something happened that jolted me back into the world that I so love. I went shopping. And the kind of shopping that I’ve never enjoyed. I went to Century 21 in Financial District.

I have walked past the store, which is nothing short of a landmark on the Manhattan shopping map, several times and the hordes of people walking in and out the doors convinced me to never step in. I like to shop in stores with plenty of floor space, the merchandise neatly lined up or arranged in inviting stacks and hung up on racks in perfect order. Century 21 is the exact opposite of order. It’s like being in Times Square.

After spending close to two hours in the store, my boss/friend and fellow fashion enthusiast helped me put an end to my six-month hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses (and some gifts). I bought two pairs of Diane von Furstenberg and I absolutely love both. Here they are:



I got the second one in grey with blue earpiece and it’s the coolest pair I’ve ever owned. The first is more fun with the colorful print on the stick, while the second is more edgy, yet classic.

I also got a manicure and opted for a color instead of the French tips usually prefer.


They’re probably minor things, but they reminded me of things I so loved till a few months back. The love has been rekindled and you can expect to see blog posts much more frequently.


It’s that time of the year again! The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full force and you can feel an unmatched energy all around New York. The air has just a hint of chill and we are ready to welcome Fall while already looking forward to the Spring.

Being from India, the September fashion week is always more appealing to me with all the colors that the designers introduce or revive for their Spring lines. There’s also an excitement to see what silhouette and lengths would be in vogue. And from what I have seen so far, while corals will continue to be a part of our wardrobe, we should prepare to make room for a new guest – various shades of green!

From the ever so “fierce” Christian Siriano to the minimalistic Jason Wu, Luca Luca and BCBG – designers are going gaga over green.

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For my current internship, part of my job is to go through all the ad campaigns for the Fall/Winter 2011-12 season. The concepts and imagery of these ads never fails to amaze me. From the minimalistic (Prada) to the grand (Dior).

But I have to say, the one ad that has stood out this season is Lanvin. While it may not make for exceptionally beautiful still images, the campaign video is hilarious and had me laughing every time I think about it.

See for yourself:

Models Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson dance to Pitbull’s ‘I know you want me’ and designer Alber Elbaz jumps in for the last shot. There is something endearing about this campaign and makes me see Lanvin in a whole new light.

Have you been to Aldo shoes lately? It’s like while designing their new collection they decided to be as fun and colorful as they can and then used the designs to make the most comfortable shoes ever! I bought three pairs of shoes, a pair of sunglasses and a bag from Aldo two weeks ago. But today I want to show you the ones that got me the most compliments that I have ever received!

Photo credit: Kathleen Hessman

Aren’t these wild? And super comfy too! I pair them with Indian outfits and dresses, shorts, jeans and they always attract attention… Super!

Here I am once again with my other favorite model – JZ!

A white dress with nude pumps – classic summer style that would suit many day events. Also, both are summer must-haves!

JZ’s wearing: 
Dress: Express
Shoes: Banana Republic
Bag: Gap 

Deandra Modica’s dress here is a great example of a dress that  has all the essential elements of a sundress but it’s not like the zillion others that we see on the streets. Also, the cut and the fit of the dress makes it suitable to be worn to a slightly formal event. The fruity prints are very in this year and definitely an awesome choice for a summer outfit!

Deandra’s wearing: 
Dress: London Times
Shoes: Urban Outfitters 

Best of Basics!


I’ve been in Charleston, South Carolina, for about five days now and I’ve spent most of that time roaming the streets of this gorgeous town. Having been fed a healthy dose of Hollywood movies growing up, I think Charleston is one of America’s best kept secrets. Anyone visiting the U.S. must visit this hidden gem!

It’s been crazy hot out here and we are all looking to keep it stylish while trying to beat the heat. Xueying Wu does so by pairing a simple salmon shirt with beige shorts and sneakers. Very summery, cool and comfortable!

Xueying’s wearing:
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger
Sneakers: Adidas
Bag: Dooney & Bourke